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In Zone/Out Zone Alert

  • 30/03/2015
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  • Zone Wise Safety

User will get notification when vehicle In Zone/Out Zone. For this need to create zone in their account with selection of vehicle that's In/Out from zone want to check. When vehicle goes outside from these zone or come back in zone. On that time user will get notification alert in their smart phone where they login with LiveOnMap application.

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Move vehicle in lock mode

  • 25/02/2015
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  • Lock mode

If anyone move your vehicle that's having LiveOnMap tracking system on that time LiveOnMap application got instant alert on mobile. Also have auto lock mode in our application. Auto lock mode will work as per time setting by user in vehicle manager.

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Overspeed notificaiton alert

  • 11/02/2015
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  • Overspeed

Most Of the businessmen use the drivers to take the goods from one place to another. Sometimes driver damage the goods due to the over speeds in breakers. And, they are not saying the truth why these things happened. Businessmen pay the lots of penalty due to this damages and facing loss in business. Liveonmap.com gives the system to track the over speed. Whenever driver try to drive the vehicle in over speed it sends the alert messages. Whenever this over speed alert system give the notification, You can stop the penalties and increases the profits in business. This system works on real time whenever drivers try to over speed it sends the alert messages within a second. These problem faces by the most of the business members so liveonmap think and develop this facility. So business members overcome these problems and gaining the profits in business. This is the small efforts of liveonmap for increasing the profits.

When the businessmen use this system you can also track all the movements of the vehicle like speed, fuel, location, etc. It helps getting all the information in a single room. So use this system and take the lots of advantages.

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Zone wise alert notification

  • 15/10/2014
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  • Vehicle Safety, GPS Tracking, Geo Zone Manager

Three type of zone system available in LiveOnMap.

  • Green Zone [Safety Zone]
  • Area where vehicle goes and able to get instant alert on In/Out Zone.

  • Red Zone [Danger Zone]
  • Area where vehicle goes and get alert in every interval that's set by user.

  • Way Path [Routes Zone]
  • Make route on map and able to track vehicle on their route. If driver miss their route then got instant alert.

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