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Complete Tracking

Using our Web & Mobile application user will able to track their vehicle like a eagle. In this if vehicle miss any rule then got instant notification on Email & notification on phone.

Well Documented Reports

Now user no need to manage paper work. We give feature for schedule manager including get report of that. Same like mileage calculator and lots of type more reports available

Live Tracking

Track live location on map with including some kind of info like last fill-up fuel (Added throw Mileage), Speed of Vehicle, Location fence Address & Current assign driver.

LiveOnMap - Keep Your Eyes On The Map

Recent Works

Our development team making powerful to LiveOnMap. For this team activate every time. Also we invite suggestion from our valuable Clients.

In our tracking we allow to user track their route and check their history of last 3 months. In this user will also able to compare their vehicles as per our reports like Mileage Wise, Speed Wise, Notification Wise and much more. Our web admin is more powerful for tracking, that's have lots of features.

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LiveOnMap have lots of type notification for vehicle tracking.

  • InZone Notification
  • OutZone Notification
  • OurSpeed Notification
  • Destination Reach Notification
  • Leave Route Notification

LiveOnMap have reports for vehicles. These they will able to get in Group/Vehicle Wise:

  • Vehicle Details Reports [Map & Listing]
  • Mileage Report
  • Speed Reports [All, Overspeed]
  • Location Wise Report [Zone Wise Report]
  • Notificaton Report

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We have Advance feature for vehicle safety Like:

  • Anti Theft: IN this we give feature for Location wise Auto lock. If you want when you leave vehicle and its auto lock within 2 min then if anyone move this vehicle after 2 min period then got instant alert on email & phone. Now your responsiblities to check this.
  • Engine Start & Stop: User will able to Start engine & Stop them using web/Mobile. For this need Device AT Command supportable. Will get notification back on success.
  • Door Open & Lock: User will able to lock their car using one click. For this we need device compatible for this and also configure with all these in vehicle.

Register on LiveOnMap

Just register your account with us and Add Vehicle for track.

Configure of Device

Need to configure your device with your vehicle

Setup Zone/Schedule/Way Path

Now you need to set zone, way path & configuration.