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Live Tracking with LiveOnMap mobile applicaton

Congratulation!!! Now we are up our services on mobile application too.

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GPS tracking devices are now used for a variety of consumer, business and law enforcement monitoring applications. This is because GPS trackers can help consumers enhance family security, businesses boost employee performance and law enforcement agencies conduct sophisticated surveillance operations without placing officers in the line of danger. Real-time GPS tracking solutions provide an avenue for auto-theft recovery, a way to ensure the safe driving habits of a teen or elderly driver and a simple way for any company to enhance employee performance, decrease operating costs and improve route management/efficiency. However, for those looking for a more cost-effective solution without wanting to sacrifice performance, GPS data loggers such as the GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro provide the answer to affordable and reliable GPS vehicle tracking.

LiveOnMap GPS tracking system will record addresses a person/vehicle traveled/departed, routes traveled, mileage driven and more, capturing data every second and storing it to internal memory for download and review at a later time.

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  • 25/07/2013
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